Comments and concerns from Brian PS parents

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Comments and concerns from Brian PS parents

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:29 pm

Here are some of the topics collected and discussed with the new principal Kevin Freckelton on Thursday 10-Aug-2017


1. Please focus on how to improve the learning results
2. School library can buy some new books for all ages according to the recommended book list from Toronto Public Library every year.
3. Being stricter for late attendance to school.
4. Reduce frequent flow of teachers. Frequent substitute teachers. It is not conducive to the consistency of children's learning
5. The management of French class is stricter, but English class is relatively looser, can that be improved?
6. Add musical instruments, all kinds of musical Instruments, to find out what your child likes.
7. School can organize other activities besides the science museum and forest valley. i.e The art gallery, the children's opera, to open the children's vision.
8. Parents would like to continue French homework club twice a week (M.Msusa?)


1. Recommend older students (Gr 4/5) to go to portable classroom instead of younger students ( below Gr 3) for safety precautions.
2. Please ensure students' safety during school time. For examples, no strangers allowed in playground. Keep students indoor before parents arriving.

Extra curricular, arts, sports and communication

1. How to help children to have fresh and healthy lunch is very important. (eg: Subway sandwiches program was discontinued)
2. The school can hold a series of seminars on different topics in each semester
3. Please inform parents how to participate the school choir and band's.
4. Consider organizing winter indoor sports clubs (ball class, etc.)
5. The education at primary school level is mainly to cultivate children's interest in learning, good behavior habits, and be able to get along with peers. The school can organize various activities in various aspects, and the competition can stimulate the children's various interests to a great extent
6. Set up a principal – parents’ day, principal and parents have a meeting once every 2 month. The principal can report work situation and the parents to do the report for this 2 months, parents can inform the principal of the concern for the 2 months, they together discuss solutions


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