[IT NEWS] Airborne computer virus exposes connected Bluetooth devices to hackers

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[IT NEWS] Airborne computer virus exposes connected Bluetooth devices to hackers

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:41 pm

A new attack vector, BlueBorne, endangers Bluetooth-connected mobile, desktop, and IoT operating systems and devices using Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

If you're not actively using Bluetooth on your device, keep Bluetooth off or disabled. Only enable Bluetooth when you're using a paired device.

We're working with our operational partners to ensure all corporate devices have the appropriate software updates and patches. Some employees will receive a notification with instructions on how to perform the required updates.

For your personal devices, make sure your software patches are up to date and disable Bluetooth when not in use.

If you believe your corporate device is infected or are in the process of being infected, power off your device and call the Help Desk at 1-800-563-2375 immediately.

How it works
BlueBorne allows attackers to take control of devices, access secured corporate data and networks, penetrate isolated networks and spread malware. You don't have to click, install or do anything to be compromised.

How to stay safe:
1.Don't share corporate files over Bluetooth.
2.Keep a backup of your recent important files and test their recovery.
3.Make sure your personal devices have the latest software updates.

We're actively monitoring the situation and ensuring the proper security controls are in place. For questions or concerns, email Information Security.


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